Our History

It all started back in approximately 2005 on a GTA: San Andreas server called CrazyBob's Cops and Robbers. Rodger Anderson decided to create a group called the San Andreas Sheriff's Department (SASD). After playing there for over a year he decided to branch SASD out to a more roleplay based server which is when he found ArgonathRPG, a light RP server. There SASD went through many iterations from being a clan to being a supported faction. SASD always prided itself on being the most serious roleplay experience in SA:MP. Since they wanted a more roleplay experience they began looking for better alternatives.


They transferred over to Next Generation Gaming as a fully supported faction. The group continued on this server for an extended period of time going through multiple leaders and members. During this time the original members of the group began to move on, getting jobs in the public sector and even creating their own communities.


Today, as SA:MP servers begin to fade out and so does SASD, the core members of the group have reconvened in-order to create a similar roleplay experience to that found in old SA:MP servers.

The Team

Below are the people that make this whole operation possible. Without them this server would not run as well as it does or exist at all.


General Management
Public Relations


FiveM Development
CAD Development


Forum Operations
Discord Operations