Saturday, Sept. 29th, 2018

Southland Roleplay (SRP) is officially preparing to exit development stage and enter Alpha.
If all goes well in development over the next 2 weeks, at precisely 2PM Pacific
(5PM Eastern)
the server will be restarted with the new title:
“Southland Roleplay (Alpha) | Serious RP | Real Estate | Businesses | Bus/Limo/Taxi/Contractor/and more!”

    Here is what to expect:
    Alpha will result in OPEN GAMEPLAY experience of the server. Anyone will be able to connect and play at will, and do any job they wish. For purposes of testing, only certain hand picked people will be allowed to play as Law Enforcement. The following positions have been chosen, and are already beginning to be implemented.These positions/assignments are in effect only for ALPHA, and can be changed or modified before final release of the server. Though, many of them are likely to remain permanent (Sarah will remain LSPD Chief until she resigns, and Justin Chapman will remain a Sergeant until terminated or resigned) All other positions are temporary.

For more information see:

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