“Get Dressed Update”

– **Server switching hosts this weekend, Stay tuned for New IP/Port**
– Clothing System and Freemode Model Implemented.
– You can go to any clothing shop, press “Z” at the desk and choose a custom clothing option.
– Clothing is free and your previous outfit is lost once saved (This will change in the future)
– Once you choose to use the free model you will lose your ped model.
– /newmodel has been depreciated and is no longer necessary. Non-freemode models will be lost once you change clothes.
– **Player Housing has begun**. You can see all the available homes on the map/radar (when close). You can’t do anything to them yet.

– None at this time

– **Last chance to test EMS**, next update (0.5.0d) will turn OFF EMS for players not in an EMS Faction
– The /sp command has been changed. The new syntax is `/sp,description`. Note the comma. Description can contain spaces.
– `/sp,text` has been updated to also save the player’s heading

– Add a “Return to Bus Depot” blip notification when the route is finished, if they choose not to continue.
– Add missing vehicles to database for fuel (AMBULANCE2, POLICEB, etc)
– Clothing will save and you can change your outfit at your home/apartment

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