Please read through this page to familiarize yourself with our rules!
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The core principle of the community is that all users treat each other with respect regardless of opinion. These rules apply to all channels. Please keep all conversation professional and respectful.
DO NOT disrespect other users.
DO NOT post exploits, glitches or hacks in this Discord or the Forums.
DO NOT post illegal content such as torrents, warez, counterfeit products, keys, etc.
DO NOT post personal information such as name, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.
DO NOT post media depicting actual real life violence.
DO NOT post NSFW content.
DO NOT discuss politics or religion.
DO NOT spam, troll, harass, or bait in text and voice channels.
DO NOT attempt to evade bans by creating and joining on alternate Discord accounts. Note: We reserve the right to remove anyone from this Discord server as we see fit based on disruptive behavior and attitude.
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The Southland Roleplay Community uses a 3 strike policy. If you have questions or concerns regarding your personal warning, please feel free to DM a Moderator for assistance. However, kicks, warnings and bans are not up for discussion and they will not be overturned.
:one: Warning. You are warned. These warnings may be issued via DM or in public.
:two: Kick. You are kicked from this Discord server. You may join again, but please consider reading and understanding the rules before posting again.
:three: Ban. You are permanently banned from this Discord server. Please note that for egregiously bad behavior the administrative team can skip straight to a kick or ban.
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Any accounts with usernames or avatars that are considered to be offensive are not allowed. A Moderator will contact you via DM and request that you change your username or avatar. Failure to comply will follow the 3 Strike Policy. For reference any usernames and avatars with NSFW and/or racist content are strictly forbidden on this Discord server.