Los Santos, California

Deep in the southern lands of California, life comes from all types. The rich thrive in the beautiful temperate area of the Southland, and the criminals prey upon them. The most dangerous gangs of America are found here, as well as the finest officers law enforcement has to offer. From rich to poor, crime to businessman, child to elderly, the Southland has it all.

Become part of a growing community in FiveM, where not only is the focus civilian lifestyle and realism, but a community where the entire server has been scripted from the ground up. Experience FiveM Role Play as you have never seen it before - Literally. Some of our unique features include:

  • Custom Integrated Computer Aided Dispatch: Use CAD from the website or while in game.
  • Dynamic Global Market: Chase prices as you buy/sell cargo and goods to profit greatly
  • Player-Run Businesses: Purchase a business, set the prices for goods in your store, and profit everytime a delivery driver stops at your business, or someone parks their vehicle there.
  • Civilian-Focused: Tired of copy-paste servers focusing on Public Safety roleplay? Welcome to the Southland; Where life as a civilian couldn't be better.
  • Admins are not part of the game: State Police? Not on our watch. Admins won't meddle in RP affairs unless they've actually applied and are a part of the faction. Our admins have concealed identities when handling OOC business, keeping Roleplay and Administration separate.

No matter what you're looking for, the Southland has plenty to offer. A life of crime, a life of service, or an American Capitalist; The Southland is the land of opportunity...

The Home of the American Dream....